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Rapid transit Ashton Vale Temple Meads

What is it?

Ashton Vale to Temple Meads (AVTM) is a rapid transit route which will provide frequent services from Long Ashton Park and Ride to Bristol Temple Meads and around the city centre. It is a 4km long largely segregated and guided busway which will improve journey times, making the service more reliable and reducing congestion on many routes.

After the Corridor section (i.e.  Prince Street Bridge), the route serves the city centre in the form of an anti-clockwise loop running on existing highway via Temple Circus, Cabot Circus, Broadmead and The Centre.


Funding was secured following the Department for Transport's approval of the best and final funding bid submitted on 9 September 2011. As part of this approval the Department will provide a maximum funding contribution of £34.508m towards the estimated total outturn scheme cost of £49.621m.

Part of the wider transit network for the West of England

The new rapid transit network will be a higher quality experience; reliable, easy to use and understand, with modern vehicles and, in places, its own right of way. It will have clear information, fast boarding and 'smartcard’ ticketing linking with wider bus and rail services, creating a new way of travelling and be a catalyst for transforming public transport travel across the West of England area.

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Consultation on the project

A public inquiry for the Ashton Vale to Temple Meads and Bristol City Centre (AVTM) Rapid Transit Order was held from the 22 May 2012 to 4 July 2012. The Inspector will provide his recommendation to the Secretaries of State for Transport  and Communities and Local Government on the granting of a TWA Order, including any conditions that the Inspector feels should be attached to an Order. By holding a public inquiry, the AVTM scheme has been opened up to scrutiny through a transparent process. The Promoters and Objectors have had a full opportunity to present their evidence.

The Inspector indicated that his report would be completed by November 2012 and this would be communicated by the public inquiry website.

All the evidence presented to the public inquiry on the scheme can be found on the public inquiry website.

Ground Investigation Surveys

In order to identify ground conditions along the proposed route (from the Long Ashton Park and Ride through to Prince Street Bridge), ground investigation surveys will be taking place shortly. The ground investigation surveys will allow a geological profile of the route to be determined which provide information about the existing ground for our design.

Following non-intrusive geophysics surveys, ground investigations are programmed to start on Wednesday 14 November and are expected to be completed by the end of January 2013. The works include trial pits and boreholes in specific areas along the route.

We do not anticipate that there will be disruption to services or access to property as part of the surveys are carried out. The contractor undertaking these surveys is Structural Soils Limited (SSL). Should you have any concerns prior to or during these surveys you should contact Rob Ash on or 0117 352 1093.

For more information on the ground investigation works please read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Ashton Vale to Temple Meads route map