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Best and Final Bids


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On September 9 2011 the West of England councils sumbmitted 'Best and Final Bids' for funding to the Department for Transport for five major transport schemes:

  • The Bath Transportation Package
  • The Weston Package
  • The Rapid Transit Network  - Ashton Vale to Temple Meads and Bristol City Centre, North Fringe to Hengrove package and the South Bristol Link


These five schemes collectively produce significant benefits in terms of economic output, unlocking jobs, and in carbon reduction. They directly serve locations expected to deliver more than 60,000 new jobs by 2026.

Read all the information supplied to the Department for Transport as part of the Best and Final Bid submisison in September 2011

  1. Letter accompanying bid submission
  2. WoE Major Transport Programme Map
  3. LEP Letter of Support
  4. Strategic Business Case and BAFB forms
  5. WoE Procurement Strategy Vol 1 Summary
  6. WoE Procurement Strategy Vol 2
  7. Rapid Transit Network Stakeholder Management Plan
  8. Letters of Support

Each scheme has previously submitted a full Major Scheme Business Case and an Expression of Interest in December 2011. These can be found on the individual scheme information pages.  As a result of the Government Comprehensive Spending Review that asked all schemes to review costs some changes have been made to the schemes.

The latest information, submitted as part of the Best and Final Bid, is below.

We expect to hear back from the Department for Transport in December 2011.

The Department for Transport has provided an email  - - for people to provide comments on the bids.  They will be running the comment period from 9 September until 14 October.  It is open to anyone who wishes to submit relevant comments on the proposals.

 Bath Package

 See the B&NES website for full information

 Ashton Vale to Bristol City Centre Rapid Transit

Appx A AVTM Alignment plans  1 2 3

Appx B AVTM Value Engineering report

Appx C ULRT Review

Appx D AVTM Value for Money Summary

Appx E AVTM Cost Summary

Appx F BIA s106 Agreement 1 and 2

Appx G AVTM Consultation Report

Appx H Risk Register

Supplementary Documents

 Weston Package

Appx A Value for Money Summary

Appx B Procurement Strategy

Appx C Procurement Programme

Appx D Risk Register (QRA)

Appx E Detailed Cost Estimates (not for pubication)

Appx F Stakeholder Consultation Report

Appx G Letters of Support

Appx H Communication Strategy

Appx I Evaluation Plan

Appx J Risk Management Strategy

Appx K Project Programme

Appx L Project Assurance

Appx M Scheme Drawings

Supplementary Documents

North Fringe to Hengrove Package

Appx A Revised Scheme Drawings

Appx B Revised Scheme Detailed Costings

Appx C Value for Money Summary Appendix

Appx D Evidence of third party contributions (not for publication)

Appx E Risk Register

Appx F Letters of Support

Supplementary Documents

 South Bristol Link

Appx A Report of Consultation

Appx B Project Drawings - 13 of

Appx C Value Engineering Report

Appx D Value for Money Assessment

Appx E Risk Register 

Appx F Full Cost Breakdown (not for publication)

Appx G Details of third party contributions

Appx H Network Rail Letter

Appx I Technology Review

Appx J Background Modelling Reports 1-4 and 5-7

  1. Transport Data Report
  2. Highway Local Model Validation Report
  3. Demand Model report
  4. Transport Forecasting Report
  5. Annualisation Engagement Note
  6. Treatment of Wider Impacts Engagement Note
  7. Do Minimum MSB Schemes Engagement Note

Supplementary Documents

SBL Letters of support



Modelling Documents  - some require specialist software to view