The West of England Partnership's vision to improve transport across the region

Joint Local Transport Plan 3

 The Joint Local Transport Plan 3 (JLTP3) has been published Read it in full here  JLTP3 Front Cover March 2011

The Joint Transport Executive Committee on 10 December 2010 approved the final draft strategy of the JLTP3 and recommended its adoption to the four Councils. 

It was then approved by:

  • South Gloucestershire Council on 15 December 2010
  • Bristol City Council on 18 January 2011
  • North Somerset Council on 18 January 2011
  • Bath and North East Somerset Council on 20 January 2011    

Delivery Plan

A three year Delivery Plan 2012/13 to 2014/15 has been produced. It includes targets and indicators to monitor performance. A one year indicative Delivery Plan was produced for 2011/12.

Annual Progress Report The Annual Progress Report for 2011/12 has now been published.

JLTP3 Refresh An update to the JLTP3 is planned during 2012

Supplementary Documents

The supplementary documents cover key transport elements of the JLTP3 Strategy in more detail.  These documents remain in draft format as working documents only.  They will be included in teh JLTP3 refresh.


Formal engagement was undertaken July to October 2010.  Headline outcomes are:

  • 4,500 responses received
  • 41% focus on support economic growth in the first three years
  • 31% focus on carbon reduction as most important for future
  • 27% focus investment on public transport (largest response)
  • Focus groups made investing in public transport their top priority 

 The Engagement Report has more detailed results

Comments from the questionnaires received and how they have been incorporated into the JLTP3 can be viewed here

Comments from the letters and emails received and how they have been incorporated into the JLTP3 can be viewed here 


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