The West of England Partnership's vision to improve transport across the region

JLTP3 Information

Joint Local Transport Plan 3 Information, March 2010


1.   The current Joint Local Transport Plan (JLTP) covers the period 2006 to 2011.  It sets out the West of England’s approach to transport based around the four shared priorities of congestion, accessibility, road safety and air quality.


2.   The replacement JLTP, whilst being the second joint plan, will be the third Local Transport Plan produced by the West of England councils.  For this reason it is referred to as Joint Local Transport Plan 3 (JLTP3).  It will cover the period from 2011 to 2026.

3.   Final guidance issued by the Department for Transport (DfT) in July 2009 will be used to support the preparation of the JLTP3.  The guidance’s aim is to “enable every authority to prepare a Plan which best meets its own individual needs.”

4.   The JLTP3 will be based around the five key goals from the DfT’s “Delivering a Sustainable Transport Strategy” of:

  • Reduce carbon emissions;
  • Support economic growth;
  • Promote equality of opportunity;
  • Contribute to better safety, security and health;
  • Improve quality of life and a healthy natural environment.

5.      The JLTP3 will be in three parts with:

a)     Strategy taking the long term policy view to 2026 to coincide with the draft Regional Spatial Strategy

b)     Delivery Plan setting out implementation proposals over the shorter term

c)      Supplementary Documents covering walking, parking, public transport, traffic management and freight, smarter choices, road safety, cycling and rural transport in more detail.

6.   Engagement will be a key part of the process.  Stakeholders will be engaged at every stage with the main consultation on the final draft Strategy, Delivery Plan and Supplementary Documents from July to September 2010.  Innovative ways to broaden the engagement base will be investigated.   The new travel+ website will be used to share information

7.   Other key areas of work include a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Equalities Impact Assessment, Health Impact Assessment, option testing, targets, partnership working and alignment with other strategies.

8.   A Transport Plan Commission has been set up with key stakeholders helping to shape the emerging JLTP3.

9.   The West of England Partnership is project managing the Plan with the four councils providing staff and resources.  A Project Board has been set up.

10. The programme for producing the JLTP3 is shown below.  The JLTP3 must be in place no later than 31 March 2011.