The West of England Partnership's vision to improve transport across the region

Read the Final JLTP3 Strategy

The Joint Local Transport Plan 3 covers the period between 2011 up to 2026


The Joint Local Transport Plan 3 has been published


 JLTP3 Front Cover March 2011

A Strategic Environmental Assessment of different aspects of the JLTP3 was carried out prior to adoption by the councils

 Read and download the whole document  (14.5mb) or select separate chapters below

Strategy Chapters

  1. Setting the scene 
  2. Vision, goals and challenges                                                  
  3. Engagement                                                                                    
  4. Strategic Environmental Assessment and option testing
  5. Reducing carbon emissions                       
  6. Supporting economic growth                                               
  7. Accessibility           
  8. Safety, health, security                                                                       
  9. Quality of Life
  10. Delivery Plan                                                                                                 
  11. Major transport schemes                                                                   
  12. Targets and monitoring                                                                 
  13. Summary                                                                              
  14. Glossary of terms         

Supplementary Documents - These remain as working drafts only.  They will be updated and refreshed to reflect emerging Government policy and funding during 2011/12

  • Cycling                                                           
  • Freight         
  • Parking                                                             
  • Public Transport                                             
  • Road Safety                                                   
  • Rural Transport                                              
  • Smarter Choices                                              
  • Walking              

Delivery Plan - a one year interim Delivery Plan for 2011/12 has been produced                       

A report on the awareness campaign and public engagment and the feedback received is also available